Email Marketing Plugins

Our goal is to make Verifigator available for everyone: no matter if you are a web developer with years of experience or a WordPress blog owner with zero programming background, you should be able to easily start to use Verifigator.

This page lists our current Verifigator plugins for different systems. Please download the plugin for further documentation and sample code. If a plugin for your programming language does not exist, we encourage you to see the API documentation and create your own code for calling the Verifigator API.

WordPress (generic)

Verifigator WordPress plugin allows you to easily add Verifigator’s lead validation service to your existing WordPress site. The plugin allows you to define which form, e.g. newsletter subscription, you want to be validated with Verifigator.

Version: 4.9.5. Last updated: 5.4.2018. License: Open Source (BSD). Price: Free


The Verifigator PHP Integrator class is an easy-to-use PHP implementation of the core Verifigator API features. The Verifigator PHP Integrator class allows you to validate leads, validate emails, import leads to your list, list and search leads from your list and export your list.

To use the PHP class, simply try:

require_once ‘class.VerifigatorIntegrator.php’;

$VI = new VerifigatorIntegrator($your_api_key_here);
$res = $VI->lead_validate($lead_email, $lead_name);


Version: Last updated: 10.5.2018. License: Open Source (BSD). Price: Free


Verifigator jQuery plugin allows you to use the Verifigator API in any website, especially in Verifigator’s real time mode where you can validate user input while user is typing it.

Version: 0.0.5. Last updated: 11.15.2017. License: Open Source (BSD). Price: Free