Meet the Team

Verifigator is a product developed by Arkham Enterprises, a limited liability company registered to Hong Kong (SAR) with main office in Chiang Mai, Thailand and another office in Romania. This is our team.

CEO and Founder

Hi! My name is Jouni Flemming and I am the CEO and founder of Verifigator. I started Verifigator because in my other business, Macecraft Software (, I needed an easy to use tool to organize and segment our user, existing customer and new customer lists for the purpose of sending newsletters. There were some tools similar to this, for example to check the validity of email addresses, but there was no solution to check the validity of large mailing lists, segment and analyze the users and do all of this in an affordable way.

Therefore, I had to create one! My background is in software development, I started programming when I was in the elementary school and the first program I ever released was called RegCleaner. It was an instant hit with millions of users. When I am not in the office working with Verifigator or Macecraft, I will be somewhere in the jungles of Thailand hiking or trail running.

Founding partner - Online Marketing and Sales

My name is Mihai Barbulescu and I am the founding partner of Arkham Enterprises and Verifigator. When I first digitally met Jouni he was looking for an out of the box thinker who's judgement he could trust.

With a background in antivirus lab consulting, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing and e-commerce, my role at Arkham Enterprises is to make sure that our products and
services fit the requirements and expectations of specific target audiences and buyer personnas.

When I am not working with Verifigator or Macecraft, I like to study the transmission of classical martial arts, game theory, transcendental meditation, nutrition and evolutionary psychology.

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, my name is Alex Ioriati and I am COO at Verifigator. My role is to handle day-to-day operations in our organization and make everything run better and smoother. The goal is to create maximum value from the activities the members carry out. A good chemistry within the team generates great results. In order for that to happen I must think of strategy, coaching, prioritizing, monitoring, testing and help the team whenever they need it.
In my free time a like to take walks in the mountains, listen to music, watch movies and learn new things. Also, I study environmental engineering and I like to apply it whenever I have the occasion.

General Manager

Hi! My name is Ekkasit Chanthong, I’m the General Manager of Arkham Enterprises (Thailand). My target is reaching our goals with sustainable growth. I believe that good seeds make a good crop. It can applied to any business model as well. I love spending time to read a book, playing computer games and music.

Project Manager

My role is to work directly with our crack team of programmers and ensure everyone is on-track and on-time with updates, bug fixes, and day-to-day tasks to ensure Verifigator’s breakthrough software solution is always improving its functionality, accuracy, and user experience.

I report directly to the CEO keeping him up-to-date on the team’s progress as well as the status of each project the company is working on to help keep a solid, seamless flow of progress and communication.

When I’m not hanging out at the office watching projects grow from simple ideas to finished products, I’m out at the beach playing Volleyball, hitting the gym.

Human Resources

Hi everyone, I’m Didchadanan Chomrit, all call me Teaw-ly. My position is HR of Arkham Chiang Mai. I used to be Chiang Mai Property investment Consultant for 4 years. I love challenge in my work, always improve my working skills , find out and fix it about my mistake from work, including improve my English skills. All of these it make me really want to work in position.
Human Resource is challenging my ability very much. Moreover, understanding company working process and I have to understand every step of employee working process for Reaching the company target.
My attitude for working is Logic , Giving the reason behind every step of working, will make me work well and give less chance of mistake to happen. I have faith in my attitude and I believe that
“Quality of house must start with a strong structure.
Quality of work must start with a logic”

Didchadanan Chomrit

Senior Programmer

My name is Assadong Pongpanish, I'm working as Full Stack Web Programmer with 10 years experience. What I like about my job is technologies that keep me up to date and the endless knowledge that I can learn forever.
Programming and website caught my attention since 2001. I started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Later on PHP. I have a full knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS Git, PHP, MySQL, Angular JS, NodeJS and ECMAScript.
When I’m not at my desk, I like spending time with my friends, watching movies, travelling and shopping


Hi, My name is Sarawut Kongngam or call me Piak. I am from Chiangmai. I completed higher secondary from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, and schooling from Polytechnic Chiangmai.
My hobbies are shooting airsoft gun, listening to music, watch TV and Cinema. My strength is the positive attitude and patience.
I started working 8 years ago and have been working with Arkham for about 1 year. My aptitude is PHP , JS , CSS and Wordpress, and i
am interested in newest technology.

Customer Service

Hello! My name is Stefan Calin and I am Chief of Support at Verifigator. I have joined this brand new project of Jouni’s, as I am also involved in handling support requests at his other business, Macecraft Software. I am very excited to be part of Verifigator, as this is another big challenge for me, hoping that I am going to fulfill my duty as expected. I like to see myself as the middle man, who has access to speak directly with the company’s customers, as well as with the owner and all other departments of the company, trying to sort out any issues that may appear and making sure that everybody is happy during this interaction.

In my free time, I very much enjoy spending time with my little daughter, travelling either by the sea side or the mountain side, as well as travelling to other countries.

Online Marketing and Sales (Thailand)

I was so surprised when I got a job in this organization. My name is Phitsanu Assawatianmeta. I graduated from Chiang Mai university at Economics school. I love an inspiration that provide other to achieve their goals like “Technology leads the world’s happiness”. My responsibility is online marketing planning, especially in Google AdWords and SEO. I usually spend my free time with my parents and read some textbooks. I believe the best strategy with focusing, leads to an achievement.