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Geo locate leads based on their name and email address

The more you know about your audience, the easier you can write to them in their own language – literally!

Verifigator automatically detects from which country a person is from based on their name and email address. Verifigator then uses this information to guesstimate which languages your lead is most likely to speak.

How does email address geo detection work?

Detecting person’s ethnicity from their name and email address is a guestimation based on multiple factors. The most obvious case would be an email address with country specific domain name, for example, it’s fairly safe to assume “” is from the United Kingdom, and “” is a person from Japan.

Of course, most email addresses are not this easy to analyze.

If the domain part of the email address is a generic domain, for example with a dot com TLD, Verifigator will check if this domain’s content is relating to a specific country. For example, “” would be considered as probably a Chinese lead because the domain part “” is a very popular Chinese website.

The analysis of the domain part goes even deeper than this. The geo detection does not work only based on static data. When used in the on-demand mode to analyze your mailing list, Verifigator will actually analyze each domain it doesn’t already know and find information from the website. For example, let’s say John Smith has a website called and an email of “” and this email address is given to Verifigator for analysis. Assuming the email address domain is valid, Verificator’s web crawling modules would actually visit the website and detect in which language it is written and try to find keywords relating to the country of the website. It would for instance find any contact detail sub page of the domain, detect the street or mailing address and use that to determine the country of this user. To optimize the performance of this process, Verifigator already has a database of millions of domains already crawled and their data already processed.

This means Verifigator already also knows all the most common email service domains of different countries and from which country they are from, even if the are using a generic .com domain. This is why Verifigator knows that is a common email address domain for Chinese users and is a domain offering free emails for users in Finland.

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Detecting ethnicity from name

In the case of generic domain name, for example or, the country and language detection works based on the user’s name. For example, for input of email address of “” Verifigator will first conclude that the name of this person seems to be “Kumar Singh” and based on the name, Verifigator will guesstimate this person to be most likely from India.

Detecting ethnicity from a person’s name works based on two main methods:

  1. A database with over 5 million common names around the world, and
  2. An artificial intelligence engine which analyzes which ethnicity a name sounds like.

Another method for detecting what language a person speaks is analyzing the script of person’s name. For example, if the lead’s name contains characters typical of a specific language, this will be also detected by Verifigator. For example, let’s say your newsletter contains lead with a name of สมชาย รักดี and email address of Since the lead’s name contains very special characters, Verifigator knows this person is from Thailand and because Verifigator supports multiple languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Russian, it knows this person is a male and it can also transliterate his name to the Latin alphabet.

Automatically segment mailing list based on language

The main purpose of all of this is to segment data. After you import your data to Verifigator, each of your lead is automatically validated, their gender is detected as well as their geographic location and ethnicity is detected.

This information can be used to automatically segment your audience. For example, you can import your newsletter’s subscribers to our system and Verifigator will automatically assign tags to each of your lead. One of these tags would be the person’s gender, and another tag would be which language they probably speak and from which country they are most likely from. So, you can use these tags to export for example all of your male leads who speak English and prepare in your sales system or email marketing system a special email campaign only for this audience.

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