Gender Detection Service

Verifigator can automatically detect user’s gender from their name and email address data.

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Detect gender from name

Verifigator can automatically detect user’s gender from their name and email address data.

It’s easy to assume “John” and “James” are typically male names and “Janet” and “June” female. However, for the gender detection feature, Verifigator uses an extensive database of over 5 million most common names from different countries and information whether these names are typically male, female or gender neutral.

Keep your signup and registration forms simple

Optimize your conversion rate and let us worry about determining the gender of your leads for you. For maximum conversion rate, the signup or subscription form should be simple. All you need is the name of the person and their email address, and Verifigator will take care of the rest.

Besides the vast database of the most common names around the world, Verifigator also uses a powerful AI based gender detection system which will tell whether the name sounds like a masculine or a feminine name. If user’s name input contains any gender related name prefixes such as “Mr.” or “Ms.” that information is also understood and used by Verifigator. Naturally, Verifigator knows the gender specific name prefixes of multiple languages, not only English.

In the case of a person’s gender cannot be determined accurately from their name, the system will also analyze their email address for any common gender relating traits. For example, if a lead has name “Alex” and email address “”, Verifigator can easily determine this person to be most likely a female even if the entered name “Alex” could be either male or female.

The gender detection system also knows to take into account different countries: first Verifigator will detect from which country your lead is from based on their name and email address, and after that, it will use that information also in the gender detection. For example, in most English speaking countries, the name “Kim” would be a female’s first name, but in Asian countries it is a common family name and in Scandinavia, it is typically a man’s first name.

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We understand names beyond the A to Z

Verifigator has a builtin support for all the major languages and scripts, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian and Hebrew, only to name a few. Verifigator knows the common name data of non English languages, and it can also transliterate names written in non A to Z alphabet into more English friendly format.

Automatic lead segmentation

The lead’s gender detection system can be easily used to automatically segment your audience.

While you import your newsletter’s subscribers to Verifigator, it will automatically analyze your data and assign tags to each of your lead. One of the automatically assigned tags is the person’s gender. Then, you can use these tags to export your data. For example, you can export all of your female leads who speak English and send them a special offer!

With Verifigator you know your target audience better and you can write them what they want to read – you will improve your conversion rate and everyone wins!

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