Verifigator can work for you in two ways:


  • Validates lead’s name and email address as the user types them.
  • Helps users not to misspell their own email address.
  • Discourages users from joining your service with fake or made up information.
  • It includes ready-made plugins for many platforms including WordPress.
  • Allows users who pass Verifigator’s validation to be added directly to MailChimp without the need for double opt-in.
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On-Demand (List-Based)

  • An easy-to-use user interface which supports importing, processing and exporting millions of leads.
  • It cleans out or flags for further investigation all invalid and suspicious email addresses from your mailing lists.
  • Automatically fixes the most typical spelling errors and typos in email addresses.
  • Can detect the gender, geolocation and language of your leads and adds the data to your existing list.
  • Search, segment, tag and filter lists by Verifigator’s data, such as by gender.
  • We will offer integration with common email marketing systems including easy-to-use, full integration with MailChimp.
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Verifigator Features

  • Validates email addresses
    A robust, multi-level checking system ensures your lead’s email address has a correct syntax, the domain name is valid and can accept incoming emails. Zero guesswork, no magic, just a subtle tuned process which delivers the results to you fast.
  • Automatically fix misspelt email address
    Verifigator’s email address validation works seamlessly with our email address typo fixing engine to prevent easily fixed email addresses, for example, “john.smith@gmailc.om” from being cleaned from your list.
  • Validates lead names
    Verifigator can analyze and verify users around the world and warn you of invalid or suspicious names.
  • Evaluates lead quality
    Verifigator’s powerful lead quality rating system allows you to decide if you want to accept users such as Mr Fake with an email of notrealemail@gmail.com or not – it’s technically a valid email address, but you probably shouldn’t be contacting Mr Fake about your product.
  • Extract lead name from incomplete data
    Verifigator can extract a person’s name from their email address and combine the data to complete your lead data automatically. For example, it can tell you that “johnsmith1@gmail.com” belongs to Mr John Smith and the contact details of “J. Doe, jane123@yahoo,com” belongs to Ms Jane Doe – and the email address would automatically change to .com, of course.
  • Detect lead’s gender
    Verifigator can detect the sex of over 95% of the most common names around the world, taking into account that the same name can be used different ways around the world.
  • Detect lead’s ethnicity
    Verifigator can guess from which country a lead is from, as well as what language(s) they speak. The geo-detection works based on the email address domain and the lead’s name using our vast database of typical names around the world, as well as a database of the most common email address domains of different parts of the world.
  • Smart Lead data sharing
    Verifigator Data Sharing is a unique feature which allows participating Verifigator users to share their lead data with other Verifigator users.For example, if we have two Verifigator users who have opted in to use the Data Sharing feature, one of them has a lead “jnsm123@domain.com” without any name information, and another user has the same lead, but with the name information, the name will be automatically shared between the two users. Enabling the Data Sharing program allows Verifigator users to improve the overall quality of their mailing list significantly.This feature is disabled by default. You can enable it from your Verifigator account settings. Lead email addresses are never shared, only additional lead data, such as name, gender, geolocation and language data can be shared between users who both have the same lead already on their list.
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And An Easy-To-Use API

  • Access all of Verifigator’s features via our API
  • Extremely simple to use: get started in minutes
  • Comes with clear documentation and code examples for conventional programming languages such as PHP
  • RESTful API with JSON response
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Additionally, everything is backed up with our unique,
ironclad privacy policy to ensure the confidentiality and security of your data.