How Using A Real-Time Email Validation Service Increases Sales

real-time email validation

As an email marketer, you spend a lot of time and money to acquire subscribers.

If you aren’t already removing bounced email addresses from your list, now is the time to start.

But removing email addresses after they’ve already bounced is a reactive measure. These bounces have already counted against your sender reputation. 

People who provide their email details often make mistakes and even provide invalid email addresses.

Invalid addresses can have a negative effect on your ability to get into the inbox of subscribers who will actually convert. 

Have you thought about acting proactively?

Email list validation services improve the accuracy of new email addresses as they’re added to your list, helping solve the problem of point-of-capture errors.

A real-time email validation service will check your subscriber information for you as it is entered, correcting your customer’s typos and misspellings.

User input errors and inbox turnover can negatively impact your email marketing campaign, from decreased inbox placement to high bounce rates.

An API with real-time email validation and correction can quickly correct these errors. Thus, ensuring your messages are sent to the right customers.

real-time email validation

real-time email validation

real-time email validation

real-time email validation

real-time email validation

real-time email validation

real-time email validation


Without further ado…

Let’s talk about how using a real-time email validation service increases sales.

1) Reduced Bounce Rate

One of the most immediate benefits of email address verification is a lower bounce rate.

Bounces are often caused by undeliverable email addresses on your list. They lower the efficiency of your email campaigns and raise delivery costs.

Removing invalid email addresses from your list and more importantly, preventing them from getting there in the first place, means a greater percentage of the emails you send will be delivered.

2) Fewer Complaints and Spam Trap Hits

Your sender reputation is one of the main factors of email deliverability.

Sender reputation is determined by bounces, spam complaints, spam traps and subscriber engagement. Therefore, regular email list verification can help maintain a good sender reputation.

The correction features of real-time email validation will ensure only interested recipients receive your mail. While most typos will result in failed deliveries, some can route your messages to people who’ve never visited your site. 

3) Increased Inbox Delivery and ROI

Fewer bounces and complaints mean a better sender reputation. With a better reputation more of your messages will make it into the inbox of your subscribers, resulting in greater open, click, and response rates.

Moreover, keeping your list clean of invalid addresses helps you focus on the subscribers who want to engage with your brand. And in turn, this focus will help you develop a better understanding of what your subscribers want.

The better you know them, it increases your chances of connecting with them and generating increased ROI. 

4) Lower Mailing Costs

Email list validation reduces your overall marketing costs. If you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send your mail, fewer messages sent means lower costs.

Furthermore, improved deliverability means less effort to manage your mailings and infrastructure. Your email campaigns will cost less to send and have a higher throughout, as you only send campaigns to valid, interested people.

You might notice a small registration drop, but it’s mostly outweighed by gathering correct email addresses for a majority of these users.

5) More Usable Leads

Potential customers might come back and re-enter their information if they make a typo the first time. 

But most will not even realize the mistake they made. 

Point-of-capture verification not only can prevent hard bounces and spam traps, but collecting the correct address means you can establish an immediate relationship with your subscriber.

It’s an effective way to ensure the information you are collecting online is accurate. Before it even enters your database.

Validating emails when they’re entered on your website ensures you capture a valid, working address, which increases data quality and the number of people to which you can send email.

With real-time email validation, you ensure the people who want your messages will get them as quickly as possible. Consequently, this translates into more opportunities to convert users into paying customers.

You’ll also avoid customer service headaches with people who’ve placed orders with incorrect data.

6) Accurate Campaign Stats

An undeliverable mail is never going to open, click and engage. As a result, having more working addresses translates into a greater number of prospects and revenue opportunities.

When your list is not clean, campaign statistics can’t accurately reflect your marketing efforts. By analyzing all the data given to you by email verification, you are much better equipped to send effective email marketing campaigns.

With more data, the more personal you can get. As a result, you can keep your customers invested first of all in what you have to say, in your products, or company.

7) Personalization

Customers are more likely to engage with your emails if they feel like you know them on a personal level. They’re not going to open a vaguely-titled email that looks like spam.

The data you get from email verification can provide you with more details than whether or not an email is valid or not. It can provide you with their name and other details that you can use to better engage prospects.

As we have talked in another blog post, after your list is clean you can do some basic segmenting. Because the more you know about your subscribers, the better.


Confirmation steps increase accuracy of user profile data, but they are a real drag on converting users into paying customers.

Even more, if you would require users to re-type their emails or passwords to make sure they typed them correctly, you might notice a significant drop-off in conversions. The same goes for requiring users to click on a link sent to their email before using the product.

As you can see, using a real-time email validation service does more than just tell you whether or not an email is any good.

It helps you:

  • acquire new customers,
  • saves you money,
  • helps you connect with your existing customers,
  • increases your conversion rates,
  • helps you avoid complainers.

Therefore, start using an email validation service today and enjoy the benefits.

Why use Verifigator?

  • Validates lead’s name and email address as the user types them.
  • Helps users not to misspell their own email address.
  • Discourages users from joining your service with fake or made up information.
  • It includes ready-made plugins for many platforms including WordPress.
  • Allows users who pass Verifigator’s validation to be added directly to MailChimp without the need for double opt-in.

Try Verifigator yourself! You can access the demo here.

If you create an account you can send up to 2000 API calls per month, for free. Your feedback increases Verifigator’s accuracy. So, if you find any false positives in the validation results, please let us know.

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