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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Jan 04, 2019

How To Start Lead Nurturing With Marketing Automation

lead nurturing

Even if your most recent marketing campaign has generated interest among your target consumers, this is not what really matters. Sales matter.  You might see a huge spike in web traffic, mailing list subscribers, and your social media following. But nothing else. The question is: Are your contacts going with the flow, or are they just…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Dec 28, 2018

How To Improve Your Rewards Program With Effective Email Marketing

rewards program

It’s no secret repeat customers are responsible for generating up to 40% of your store’s total revenue. This and the climbing costs of digital ads should be enough to make you invest more of your marketing budget to retention efforts. Setting up a rewards program helps you do just that. There…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Dec 10, 2018

6 Types of Trigger Emails You Can Use to Nurture Customers

trigger emails

If you’re still sending your subscribers emails that prove you don’t know them, you should start using trigger emails now. At worst they’ll unsubscribe. And at best, you’ll have to unsubscribe them, because they haven’t opened an email from you in ages.  The nurturing process doesn’t stop after acquiring new…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Nov 18, 2018

13 Ways To Create Hype During Your Product Launch

product launch

The biggest challenge coming into a product launch can be: where do you start?  Let’s start with the most important lesson: you need to have a plan. If you’re going to launch a new product, you need to make sure you have a successful launch strategy in place. There is…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Nov 04, 2018

How To Get People To Sign Up For Your Email Newsletter

sign up

It’s not easy to get a lot of people to give you their email address. An overwhelming amount of email is already flooding every inbox. So, enticing people to sign up for even more email is a growing challenge. It can take years to build up a list of people who are…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Oct 26, 2018

The Importance Of Customer Support In The Customer Experience

customer support

When was the last time when customer support made you feel like a special customer, and not just another ticket? And do you think your customers feel special? Even if it might not seem like it, customer support can make or break a company. Customer service isn’t just about being…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Oct 14, 2018

Personalization As A Strategy To Build Customer Relationships


Today’s customers seek authentic connections with brands that make them feel valued. They expect your company to understand their needs and deliver the products or services they want. Personalization starts with knowing the customer. Thanks to CRM systems and behavioral analytics solutions, you can track customer’s preferences and buying patterns. But…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Sep 21, 2018

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: How to Build a Sales and Marketing Machine

customer lifecycle marketing

Do you know what makes people choose specific brands? I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not just because of comfort and routine. We stick to our choices because companies go to great lengths in order to persuade us. From relevant, strategic marketing to amazing customer service. Most likely, this type…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Sep 14, 2018

Understanding The 6 Core Stages Of Customer Lifecycle

customer lifecycle

Even though marketing has evolved significantly over time, the customer lifecycle model hasn’t changed that much. The customer lifecycle is essentially the different stages that buyers will go through as they interact with your brand. It’s often said that successful businesses have the most loyal customers. They are the bedrock…

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Posted by Sorina Urcan on Sep 10, 2018

How Using A Real-Time Email Validation Service Increases Sales

real-time email validation

As an email marketer, you spend a lot of time and money to acquire subscribers. If you aren’t already removing bounced email addresses from your list, now is the time to start. But removing email addresses after they’ve already bounced is a reactive measure. These bounces have already counted against…

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