Validate Email Addresses

Verifigator is a tool to step up the way you send emails. Verifigator will clean, optimize and segment your mailing lists to allow you to target your leads with pinpoint accuracy: your audience will receive the messages most relevant to them, and at the end of the day you will make more money – everyone wins!

Firstly, what Verifigator can do for you is it can validate email addresses, that is, it tells you whether an email address is real. If you are sending a newsletter, or you have a database of leads, existing customers, possible partners and so on, you want to make sure these contacts are real.

Verifigator doesn’t just check if the email address looks real. It also detects valid-looking yet invalid email addresses by monitoring whether the domain is real and capable of receiving email. That would typically need a very slow check. That is why Verifigator has an automatically updated list of millions of most common email address domains, allowing Verifigator to validate your data super fast.

Verifigator can detect spam traps, fake emails, one-time use and disposable emails, role accounts. In short: anything you want to know about an email address, Verifigator can do it for you.

Validate email addresses in real-time and clean invalid emails from your mailing lists.

Geo-Locate by Email Address

Do you have email addresses without information from which country the users are from? How valuable would it be for you to be able to fill in the blanks and know where your users are from? This is exactly what Verifigator can do for you.

Without sending any emails or contacting your users, Verifigator can guesstimate the user’s geographic location based purely on their email address, as well as what language the user most likely speaks.

Geo locate users by their email address and name, and guesstimate what languages they speak!

Detect Lead’s Gender By Email Address

After you know which email addresses are real and from where your mailing list subscribers are from, you might also want to see the gender of your subscribers. Well, now you can. Verifigator can detect user’s gender based on their name and email address.


No matter what you do, you’ll probably send emails, and it is an efficient way of contacting people… if they’re real people! You don’t want to be sending your carefully crafted sales letter, newsletter or email notification to a hoard of dead inboxes. Not only are you wasting your time, but you are also risking of getting blacklisted as a spammer.

That is where Verifigator comes in. With Verifigator, you can distinguish the real users from the fakes and filter out the long-dead inboxes and spam traps from your mailing lists. Verifigator works with your existing mailing lists as an on-demand service, and it also offers a real-time validation to prevent unwanted emails from being added to your records in the future.

Detect the gender and ethnicity of your leads to maximize the impact of your message!


Only Communicate With Real People

Clean your existing mailing lists from invalid data. Detect made-up and invalid email addresses at registration and subscription forms. Prevent users from misspelling their email address and automatically fix the most commonly misspelled email addresses. Segment your mailing list to ensure you will reach the right people with your message!

Don’t Waste Money

An optimized and properly segmented mailing list ensures a maximal conversion rate and ROI for your email campaigns and newsletter posts. This ensures you won’t waste your money by sending emails to fake or dead email addresses, or to the people who are not interested of your message.

Avoid Being Blacklisted & Converted To Spam

Sending email to spamtraps or invalid email addresses can get you and your entire business blacklisted. This will cause all your future emails to go straight to the spam folder and can ruin you. A clean and properly maintained mailing list will prevent these problems and Verifigator can do all of this for you.